Atelier tammam presents a sustainable couture through the streets of london

A visionary ethical environmentally conscious Fashion Show ‘Undefeated’ of Atelier Tammam took place outside in the Bloomsbury streets as the result of COVID-19 pandemic. Starting at Hasting Street models then continued to the Russel Square, Store Street and British Museum.

The lockdown in March meant a closure of Bloomsbury studio. To keep the Tammam label alive as well as to help suppliers, the ready-to-wear collection was made for the first time without needing any fittings.

Climate cave, Photo credit: Conscios femme

Fifteen models, with Elvis inspired hairstyles, roved the streets and they all had in common a pattern of the spectrum of blues to reds. Scarfs, dresses, or cape in this spectrum: ‘These are not a random selection of colours, these are the Climate Stripes, a series of colours representing the global temperatures over the last 170 years… They serve as a reminder that whatever else is going on in the we still need to protect our planet and try to stop climate change,’ says Atelier Tammam.

Another used colours were mostly neutral like black, steel grey, hot red or eggnog nude. The highlights were nude cape with organic cotton climate stripes lining and masked bride with outwear corset, deep V neckline pleated top wrapped around neck and long pieces of fabric on wrists flying around. All of the models had matching face masks as well.

‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat’ Photo credit: Anna Kristofcova

A white T shirt with a sign ‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat’ is some kind of motto for a lockdown when everybody stays at home not bothered to dress up for zoom calls.

All outfits were complemented by sustainable jewellery from Queen’s Wood Studio. ‘We share the same sustainable values and love of bespoke and slow made, so when she {Lucy Tammam} decided to do an outdoor fashion show with her new collection I loved the concept and asked her if she would like to collaborate. The pieces are from three new series/micro collections I have been developing ( Folds, Clouds and Sweet Somethings),’ says Hattie Wragg, the jeweler.

When ordering a ready-to-wear item from this collection you not only support local fashion but also workers in India, from where fabrics are sustainably and ethically sourced from.

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